The Pros And Cons of The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test

You know your dog better than anyone else. You know when he is hungry or thirsty when he needs to go outside when he feels anxious, and all of his other emotions. With the Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test, you can now know even more about your dog. You might think that you know the breed of your dog, but thousands of people have discovered some interesting facts about the presence of unsuspected breeds in their dogs. With this DNA testing kit, you can know if you truly own a purebred dog, and also know about the personality traits of your dog. This will, ultimately, give you the ability and knowledge to ensure you can take much better care of your dog. Let’s take a look at what the Wisdom Panel DNA testing kit offers you.

The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Testing Kit

While many DNA testing services have been launched around the world to offer pet owners the ability to dive into the genetics and DNA of their pet, some do tend to provide more accurate data than others. The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Testing Kit is a preferred choice due to the high accuracy delivered by their tests, thanks to the custom-made Illumina Infinium chips that are used by the laboratory that performs the DNA tests on samples submitted through the Wisdom Panel DNA kits.

The company offers a three-step process to obtain a complete DNA test of your dog. Simply open the package and follow the instructions to collect a DNA sample of your dog, activate your Dog DNA Test kit on the official Wisdom Panel website, and then send the package to the laboratory – shipping has been pre-paid. Once the laboratory has completed the analysis of your dog’s DNA sample, they upload the data to the Wisdom Panel Dashboard, where you can instantly access the results.

wisdom panel three easy steps

The Wisdom Panel brand offers two different packages that you can choose from:

  • Wisdom Panel 4.0 will cost you $84.99 and will provide you with a complete breakdown of the breeds that are present in the DNA of your dog.
  • Wisdom Panel Health will cost you $149.99 and will offer you both a breakdown of the breeds in your dog’s DNA, as well as an overview of diseases that your dog may be at a higher risk of.

The Benefits Of The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA Test Kit

  • The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA testing service uses custom-made chips during the analysis of a dog’s DNA sample, which provides for more accurate results.
  • Two different packages are presented by the company to suit both the budget and needs of every customer.
  • The company can deliver a complete report on the possible diseases that a dog may suffer from at a later stage in their life.
  • Wisdom Panel uploads DNA test results to their internet database, which can then be accessed by the customer instantly.

Wisdom Panel quality and accuracy

The Drawbacks Of The Wisdom Panel DNA Testing Kit

  • Some customers had complained about results being mixed up when they loaded the DNA test results uploaded to the Wisdom Panel dashboard, but this can usually be sorted out by simply contacting the company to verify that the information is correct.


The Wisdom Panel Dog DNA testing service allows you to take a more in-depth look into the DNA of your dog. These tests can reveal information about your dog’s breed, ancestry, and even a comprehensive health report. These tests are affordable and can be utilized by anyone, regardless of their location. We provided an overview of the Wisdom Panel Dog DNA test, including the pros and cons of this service, in this post.

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