Embark DNA Dog Testing Kit: The Complete Getting Started Guide

Dogs are most certainly the most popular pet to be owned by the general population. The majority of pet owners often report owning at least one dog – and many households who do own a pet only have dogs as part of their pet family. Dogs are intelligent creatures that offer companionship, friendship and, best of all, and they are not as judgmental as a group of human friends may be.

Most people tend to think that they truly know their dog on the inside and outside. Each dog has their own personality, and we come to love that about our dogs. What if we told you that there are more to your dog than you already know? Many people would disagree, but the Embark DNA Test Kit has proven to many people that they can, indeed, discover much more about their animal friends than they originally thought.

What Is The Embark DOG DNA Test All About?


Your dog has a genetic makeup, also known as its DNA, that holds information about its entire ancestry. Not only does the DNA of your dog hold valuable data of its direct parents, but it may also hold data about past generations. This is where Embark DNA comes into play. This test, offered by Embark Vet, provides a comprehensive analysis of your dog’s entire DNA and genetic makeup. Through the use of this test, you get access to more data about your dog than you would have ever thought possible.

While the main aim of an Embark DNA test is to provide you with an accurate overview of your dog’s breed – including a breakdown of all breed markers present in your dog’s genetic makeup – these tests can also provide an analysis of mutations that may signal a risk of disease in your dog. In turn, this helps you take adequate steps to help reduce their risk and make sure they will live a happier, longer life in general.

How Much Does The Embark DNA Testing Kit Cost?

embark dna test kitThe Embark DNA test is somewhat more expensive than specific alternative options on the market. This is mainly due to the more advanced technology that is used by Embark Vet to ensure a higher accuracy can be delivered to the client. A single package is currently offered by this company, which will cost you a total of $199. This is a once-off fee, and there are no additional shipping charges involved in the entire process.

Getting Started With The Embark DNA Kit

Getting started and obtaining a comprehensive analysis of your dog’s DNA through the Embark DNA testing kit is very simple. Start by ordering your DNA kit, which will be delivered to your door or the most convenient postal address you have available. Once you receive the test, you simply follow the four-step process explained inside of the kit:


  1. Visit www.embarkvet.com and activate your DNA test kit
  2. Use the included tool to collect a swab sample from your dog’s cheek. This is a quick, simple and completely painless process.
  3. Add the tool with the collected swab sample inside the included bag.
  4. Use the included envelope to send the swab sample back to Embark Vet.

Once the DNA test has been performed, you will get a notification. You will then be able to log into the client zone at www.embarkvet.com to view the results.


You might think that you already know all there is know to about your dog, but the Embark DNA test is surely to prove you wrong. This kit will help you uncover the exact genetic makeup of your dog, allowing you to identify the breeds that your dog feature. Perhaps you want to know if you genuinely have a purebred, or would like to know if your puppy will grow up to be a big or small dog. The Embark DNA test has been designed to answer all of these questions and even give you an overview of what you can expect in your dog’s future.