DNA My Dog: A Comprehensive Overview Of Your Dog’s Genetic Makeup

Buying a purebred dog can be an expensive transaction and finding out that you spent all of that money on a dog that is really of mixed breeds can be very unsatisfying. This is why dog DNA testing kits and services have become so popular today. Dog DNA testing services provide a comprehensive overview of your dog’s genetic makeup, together with additional data that allows you to gain a peek into your dog’s future. In this post, we want to take a closer look at the DNA My Dog kit and see whether this is a good option for pet owners who want to get to know the inside of their dogs, just as well as they know their dogs from the outside.

What Does DNA My Dog Offer You?

DNA My Dog Test KitThe DNA My Dog testing kit has become one of the most popular choices that dog owners opt for when they want to dive deeper into the genetic makeup of their dog. This test provides one of the most comprehensive DNA analysis of dogs that are currently available on the market and is also one of the more affordable options. While many DNA dog tests can cost you well over $200, the DNA My Dog testing kit includes everything you need to obtain an overview of your dog’s DNA for a once-off fee of only $68.99.

DNA My Dog test results include the following data:

  • A complete overview of the genetic breed makeup of your dog at different levels.
  • An overview of what you can expect in your dog’s future, including personality traits and health concerns.
  • A life plan that allows you to care for your dog to the best of your abilities.

How The DNA My Dog Test Kit Works

The DNA My Dog Cheek Swab kit is painless and extremely easy to use. The test kit comes with all you need to perform the DNA sample yourself, as well as a set of instructions. The test comes with a swabbing tool, a bag, and an envelope. You simply need to use the swabbing tool to collect a saliva sample for the cheek of your dog. The swab tool is then added to the included bag, which is included in the envelope and then sent back to the laboratory that will be conducting the DNA test.

DNA my dog swab cheek kit

Once the laboratory receives the DNA sample, they will initiate the tests and run your dog’s DNA against their database. In approximately two weeks, the results will be uploaded to the DNA My Dog client area, where you can then sign in to obtain a comprehensive analysis of your dog’s DNA.

The dashboard is easy to use and can be accessed from any device. You simply need to sign into the dashboard once you receive a notification from DNA My Dog that your results have been uploaded. You will then be able to see the breeds that are present in your dog’s genetic makeup. You will also be able to see personality traits of your dog, as well as how large the dog is expected to become in adulthood. Additionally, you will be presented with a complete analysis of their current health status and future health risks, which gives you the ability to initiate precautionary measurements to help reduce their risk of developing certain diseases.


The DNA My Dog testing kit allows you to obtain a comprehensive analysis of your dog’s DNA, including the genetic breed makeup of your dog and potential health risks that you need to be aware of. We provided an overview of what you can expect from the DNA My Dog test kit in this post, to help you determine if this is the best option for you.