Best Options For Determining What Breed Your Dog Is

puppiesThe FCI officially recognizes around 339 different dog breeds, which is usually divided into different groups based on their size, appearance, and other particular traits. Most breeds have a country of origin, as well as specific traits that make them more appealing to a particular type of dog owner. When you own a mixed breed, it becomes difficult to determine what breeds may be present in the dog. While it may be possible to guess the breeds present in a dog’s DNA based on their appearance, many people have been surprised to learn that there is breed genetics present in their dog’s DNA that seems almost entirely impossible.

If you have ever asked the question “What breed is my dog?”. Then we are here to tell how about specific methods that can be used to assist you with the identification process. Different processes can be used to identify your dog’s breed, with some providing more accurate results than others.

Dog Breed Identification Options

dog yawningIdentifying the breeds that are inside of your dog’s genetic makeup can help you identify the personality traits your dog may exhibit in the future and also help you determine if your dog will become large or rather stay at a smaller size. Additionally, knowing your dog’s breed makeup will also give you the ability to identify certain diseases that your dog is at a higher risk of, due to its breed and possible genetic mutations.

Identify Canine Breed With A Blood Test

A blood test can reveal a lot of data about your dog’s breed, but this is a costly option. For this reason, many people are instead opting for alternative options. There are a few different options that can provide you the ability to identify breeds in your dog’s genetic makeup without having to spend thousands of dollars.

A popular method is to use a Dog Breed Photo matching platform or an online breed identification platform. These platforms are usually free to use. The problem, however, is that they are not very accurate and will not reveal detailed information about your dog’s breed and overall genetic makeup.

Determine What Breed Your Dog Is With A DNA Test

An alternative method, which is still somewhat new on the market, is to opt for a Dog DNA test. These tests have become quite popular and provide you an opportunity to obtain a complete overview of your dog’s DNA – these tests usually include a comprehensive analysis of the breed markers that are found in your dog’s DNA. In addition to providing an overview of breeds that are found in your dog’s DNA sample, these tests can also reveal data on the personality traits of your dog and other data regarding what you can expect later in your dog’s life.

a girl with her dogDog DNA tests are much more affordable than many people may think. They are also very simple to use. Most of these testing kits can be purchased at a local pet store or on the internet. They come with a complete kit that can be used to collect a DNA sample from your dog, which is then sent to a laboratory for testing.


If you are not sure what breed your dog is, then it may be difficult to predict personality traits and determine possible health risks that may affect your dog in the future. In this guide, we offered an overview of the most common methods that can be utilized to assist with the identification of breeds that may be present in a dog’s DNA. While there are many options available, an official DNA test seems to be the most effective way to help you care better for your pet.